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Visit of First Minister, Mark Drakeford to Monmouth

I was delighted to welcome First Minister, Mark Drakeford to Monmouth in August. He came to visit our fantastic community centres, Bridges and Ty Price, the Community Fridge and to lend his support to us all to work together as a community to get through the Cost of Living crisis.

The community centres in Monmouth and all their volunteers do an incredible job supporting people, running everything from social circles, community car schemes to groups for recovering addicts. We are incredibly lucky to have them and they will be needed even more due to the disastrous decisions made in Westminster which crashed our economy.

Speaking at the visit Mark Drakeford said:

"The only way we are going to get through it is if we all play our part. The Welsh government has resources, the county council has resources, faith groups, community groups and individuals can all help. All these things - some very small - may not look a lot but when you add them all up together they make a difference.

In Monmouth there is an island of poverty in a sea of affluence, thanks to the Tories being in power here since 2005, and that adds to the burden people are facing. We are going to have to draw down deep on the well of goodwill shown by our community groups as many people will be facing the bleakest times in their lives. We need our collective effort to reach the people who need it the most.


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