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Catherine Fookes

 Labour's parliamentary candidate for Monmouth constituency

!Thank you for your support


About me

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I've lived in Monmouthshire for over 20 years and been active in the community ever since I moved here. For example,  I'm a governor at Monmouth Comprehensive where my children are at school. I stood for the Senedd in 2016 and as a County Councillor in 2017, where I came within 24 votes of winning a safe Tory seat.

I'm now a County Councillor and Cabinet Member so I know how to beat the Tories. Every day I am making hard decisions and I know how tough the next few years will be for us all in the Monmouth constituency. 

There are huge challenges ahead but I know with a local MP on your side, working with a Labour government in Wales and in Westminster, there will be better days ahead. We've rebuilt our public services before and we can do it again. 

Over the years I've campaigned with you in every ward of the constituency. People have told me how they feel powerless and taken for granted. As your MP, I would be your champion.

I'm driven and focused and I have a track record of delivering for those that need it most. Our first act as a new administration was ensuring that Welsh Government's cost of living funding was provided direct to those on the lowest incomes. 

I'm Chief Executive of an equalities charity which I have turned around in the five years I have been there. I have doubled the funding and grown the organisation's impact. I know how to influence government and have won important campaigns.

This is a vital constituency at the next election. We are one of the seats that will decide whether we have a Labour government in Westminster or not. We need a candidate who knows the ropes and is ready to go.  I have stood before and I believe I have the best chance of beating our MP. 

Together, it's time to build a stronger, fairer, greener Monmouth constituency.


My Pledges


Tackling poverty and revitalising the economy

Monmouthshire is the most unequal county in Wales thanks to the Tories, and the economic crisis is threatening to  make that inequality worse.  I will work hard to bring jobs to the constituency and ensure that businesses can thrive here so that we secure jobs. 


Fighting for human rights & workers' rights

As the UK government tries to destroy our human rights and workers' rights, I will continue to work with our trade unions and campaign for stronger human rights and a real living wage. 


Regenerating our towns

For 18 years, from 2004 to 2022, our council has been controlled by the Tories. That is why our high streets are shadows of their former selves - the Tories have done nothing to regenerate them. I will support funding bids and campaign to get our fair share of funding from UK government. 


Investment in our public services 

I have seen at first hand the transformative power of our public services from education to the NHS. I will work with Welsh Government and fight for more resources from UK Government so that our public services recover from decades of under-investment from Westminster.


 Climate and nature emergencies

If we want to preserve our beautiful area for future generations we need to clean up our rivers, clean up and improve our public transport and promote sustainable agriculture while helping our farmers make ends meet. We also need to retrofit our housing stock.  


Regular surgeries & a high street constituency office

I will be an active and accessible MP, holding regular surgeries & having an accessible constituency office. I will work hard across the constituency, keeping in touch with our branches. I run a charity and I know how to run an office and get things done. 



I am proud to be supported by these party members:

Hugo Perks

Central Monmouthshire Branch

"I have seen Catherine in action campaigning over several years and have never seen her flustered or without fresh ideas. Her energy appears endless and perhaps her greatest asset is her people skills."

Pam Robinson

Lower Wye Branch

"I worked with Catherine during her 2016 Assembly campaign. I loved her energy, enthusiasm and commitment as well as her readiness to listen and learn. I am delighted that she wants to stand for Westminster and it would be great to have a truly local candidate - especially given her recent experience as councillor and cabinet member with MCC"

Roger & Maggie Harris

Former Councillors, Bryn y Cwm Branch

"As former Councillors, we've known Catherine for many years and her dedication to public service is second to none. She's got the knowledge, the skills and networks to be a formidable candidate and to become our next MP."


Getting involved
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